Don't despair. Use your spare.

Spare Key Remote Supplied & Programmed ONLY £119†

It’s the same old story - you’re all set to go and your car keys just aren’t where you left them. So, for the next half hour, you turn the house upside down and still you can’t find them. Now you’re late. And not in the best frame of mind either. While everyone has spare house keys, not so many of us have spare car keys. Yet a spare programmed to your Saab right now costs a mere £119.00†, saving you money, time and the desperate urge to tear your hair out next time they go missing.

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Terms and Conditions

†9-3 models only. Please call for a quote on other models. Offer includes transponder only, key blade is available separately for an additional charge. Please contact us for details.

* Available whilst stocks last.